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Blueberries are one of the healthiest foods available on earth, rife with antioxidants and able to slow the effects of aging while simultaneously boosting one’s immune system.  It seems almost unfair to other berries that blueberries make out of this world jam as well.

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From Those On The Go!


From Those On The Go!

Amazing product love it :) !

New Review

Making PB&J for my 5 kids has been a breeze.. THANK YOU!!!!

Janet A. - Kansas City

I love the convenience of this package. It’s perfect to pack in a bag for a snack or lunch paired crackers and veggies.

Maryam F. - Los Angeles

Love love love these. No reason to store bulky jars in the fridge..

Mike - Detroit

The product is very delicious and the ingredient list is super simple. My kids now will only eat On my way! strawberry jam because of the quality

Elizabeth - San Diego


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